EGORA – the hands-on tech investors

  • EGORA Ventures heads an investment group based in Munich, Germany.
  • We are active entrepreneurs. We do not support finance-sit-wait. If you are looking for active partners that you want to be involved in your business, we are the right partners for you.
  • Our investments are focused in Broadband Communications, Industrial Optronics, Semiconductor Technologies, Business Applications and Services as well as Biotech Platform Technologies.
  • We support entrepreneurs with high potential technology skills and technical intellectual property who have the vision to build pioneering companies and the potential to become world leaders in their industries.
  • With up to EURO 5 million and our personal involvement, we help to develop early-stage companies especially in Germany and the USA.
  • We are exceptionally qualified entrepreneurs who unterstand technology, people, and markets.







HeadBox awarded by Sunday Times
TechTrack UK Startups 100
#23 in 2018
#9 by 22june 2020


Business and tech professionals in
The Sunday Times selected our

portfolio company Headbox.