Investment Criteria

Our decisions are guided by a clear idea of preferred investments

EGORA requires a businessplan, preferably in English, for evaluating investments. The plans must fulfill the following prerequisites:

  • The new technology must allow clear advantages to customers.
  • The company must have a competent and motivated management team which will drive the business idea.
  • The enterprise will operate in business markets and will strive for a leading position.
  • The business model must be scalable.
  • The intellectual property of the company must be long-term and defendable.
  • The founders and the management wants us to take an active role in their company.
  • The start-ups should seek active support from EGORA´s operative holding and management team.
  • The capital invested must be exclusively used for further building the enterprise.
  • The business model must be based on technologies and applications supplementing the EGORA portfolio with synergistic effects.